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Texcal LLC offers the largest available selection of high-quality miniaturized proprietary and custom designed cables. Among the important characteristics designed into Texcal miniature cables are low noise, low capacitance, and high operating temperatures.  

Our coaxial cables include, but are not limited to:


Types of Coaxial Cable

Figure 1
Coaxial Cable Coaxial cables are constructed with an inner conductor surrounded by a dielectric, which in turn, is enclosed by an outer conductor that also acts as a shield.  A protective jacket covers the outer conductor and also acts as insulation.

available in many colors, aluminum mylar tape barrier shield.

Figure 2
Coaxial Cable
Dual shielded coaxial cables have two outer conductors, or shields, enclosing the dielectric.  Dual shielding is needed for strength and abrasion resistance.  Dual shields allow a decrease in attenuation and the possibility of unwanted external signals. Available in many colors, aluminum mylar tape barrier shield.

Figure 3
Twinaxial Cable
Twinaxial cable is composed of two insulated single conductor cables or hook-up wires twisted together, having a common shield and protective jacket. Available in many colors, aluminum mylar tape barrier shield.

Figure 4
Triaxial Cable

Triaxial cable is coaxial cable with one inner conductor and two shields all separated with dielectric material.  Triaxial cable signals may be transported by both the inner conductor and the inner shield while the outer shield is at ground potential. 

Aluminum mylar tape barrier shields also available.

Figure 5
Multi- Cable

Multi-cables are composed of various quantities of coaxial, twinaxial, pairs and singles cabled together per customers specification, shielded and jacketed with various materials and colors.

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