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Texcal offers a number of high noise cables for use in the following applications:

  1. Perimeter sentry of buildings and remote plants.
  2. Truck counting and traffic surveillance.
  3. Illegal border crossing detection devices.
  4. Military sentry devices to detect movement of enemy troops and vehicles.
  5. Border length intruder warning systems for countries and war zones.
  6. Traffic control detection.
  7. Highway to vehicle to warning spacing traffic.
  8. Railroad train track occupied warning.
  9. Underground atomic test detection.

Key Benefits

  • rather inexpensive
  • rugged (as indicated by field trials in excess of 20 million vehicle passes with the cables still performing without any noticeable change in output.)
  • can be used in extremely long runs

  10.  Earthquake detection.
  11.  Underwater detection of approaching ships and submersibles.
  12.  Home garden--perimeter protection against rodent type pests.
  13.  Detector for children's bed or crib to signal epileptic seizures.  (For home or hospital 

These cables are usually buried a few inches below the surface of the ground and are extremely sensitive to the pressure changes exerted on them.  They produce a rather large voltage output whose wave form has determinable characteristics which, when coupled to a suitable detector, can differentiate between:

a man walking, running or crawling;
a horse, cow or other forms of wild animals, and
also can distinguish a car from a truck, a truck from a tank and so forth.

Claims from users indicate that the cables, when coupled to very sophisticated equipment, can detect unbalanced loads in trucks, misaligned wheels, and weight excesses while the trucks are in motion at highway speeds.

Texcal believes this field is in its infancy and we have only scratched the surface of its ultimate potential.  Please contact us for more information.



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